Johnson’s Milling & Feed Inc. looks exactly the way a milling and feed place looked years ago. Outside it has a simple, honest, hardworking appearance with its weathered wood siding, galvanized tin roof, and gravel parking lot. The wall of the covered loading dock, which runs along the front side of the building, is adorned with colorful advertising signs proclaiming many of the brands and goods available. On one side of the building you will find “Plant World.” Each spring the area fills with all types of annual and perennial bedding plants, hanging baskets, bushes, and decorative garden and lawn ornaments. In late summer, the fall and winter plants begin arriving to allow our customers the best selection.

Inside the store, you’ll find a wide variety of “on-the-shelf” items. There are things like pesticides, herbicides, livestock medications, and other veterinary products. We stock animal supplies like horse brushes, hoof picks, halters, and dog collars. The warehouse is packed full of feed for pets to livestock; chemicals; fertilizer; products for field, lawn, and gardens; and more!

Some things come and go according to the season. In winter, there’s a big bin of rubber boots of all sizes. By spring they’re nearly gone, to make space for the “seed bench” where you’ll find containers of bulk vegetable seeds ready to be carefully weighed out by hand and sold by the ounce or pound. Spring is also the time when there are dozens of fuzzy chicks in brooders in the back room called “The Chicken Wing.” A nearby sign clearly states these chicks are not sold individually. That’s to remind folks that these cute things quickly turn into full-grown chickens and shouldn’t be purchased on impulse as pets for kids. But kids of all ages are welcomed to come in to watch them scurry about.

We know that our customers are the reason we are here. We are honored that they allow us to serve them and supply their farm and home needs! We feel our customers are the best in North Carolina.

So, who exactly runs this business? Check out our staff page to learn more!